VOTIC Data Boutique

We are a data science technology services company, that provides fast solutions in a SaaS business model.

Smart Solutions

We develop Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Content Crawling, Document and Navigation Tracking, Search Engines, IOT and data intelligence solutions.

Strong and affordable

We currently provide services to companies that need to integrate, high-speed and precise, robust algorithms, to their current platforms, in an affordable and flexible pricing.

Fulfillment and support

Our focus is to integrate seamlessly with your environment, and cause a measurable improvement in your systems. We provide strong consulting and follow-up to our clients. Our main goal it's that our customers achieve their goals successfully.

High performance

Our algorithms benefit more than 2MM users a day, processing more than 50gb of data records and navigation tracks daily and delivering more than 250MM API calls monthly.


Sites Improved


Users Reached (Millions)


Data Processed (TB)


API Calls (Millions)

Our Services

Some services from our Boutique


Search Engine health monitoring, Online activity tracking, Pattern Detection, Probabilistic Reporting and Alerts.

Search Engines

Propietary Search Engine, Text Spelling solutions, Predictive search, Related concepts, User-aware results. Consulting, courses and training for search development teams.

Information Retrieval

Document, products and catalogs crawling, Concept extraction, Image Search, SEO reporting, Social Network segmentation, exploration and opinion analysis.

Data Intelligence

Product comparison, document auto-classification, Sentiment analysis, Image recognition, Error detection, Fraud detection, User auto-segmentation and Data validation.

Internet of things

Gadget prototyping, Historical data analysis, Behavior prediction. Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC.

Interactive Experiences

Stands, Interactive projections, Data visualizations, Data art, Kinect.

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Images? Audio? Video? Pattern Recognition?

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